7 Amazing Apps to Build Your Life

Who doesn’t want as many options as possible for making their lives easier? Okay, you’re in luck because some fantastic smartphone applications are available to help you organize your busy days. There are tens of thousands of Apps available, some of which engage to help us manage our lives, but discovering the ones that work is just another hassle to add to an already lengthy to-do list. The following are our top seven picks:

1. Google Photos

Google Photos

Consider yourself fortunate if you’ve never seen a scenario in which your handset and all of your precious memories were permanently destroyed. Then, as soon as you can, download Google Photos to prevent it from ever happening again. There’s no need to remember to back up the photos because the app does so automatically. It then splits the images into subcategories based on when they have taken them. It will even remember individual faces, so if you’re searching for old photos of a certain user, clicking on their face would bring up pictures of them. You may also search by venue, activity style (such as baseball or football) seen in the screenshot, and much more. Selfie, images, snapshots, and other types of files are all classified. Additionally, you can conveniently create picture books or print photographs directly from the app if desired.

2. Dropbox

Most of our colleagues use Dropbox regularly, but did you know it can even be used on your smartphone? This service lets you back up your files to the cloud, sync them between devices, and share them with others, among other features. These days, most of us use our smartphones to take photographs and videos with Dropbox. You can quickly upload those photos and videos to your device, where they will be waiting for you. Another useful function is for those worried about the security of their computer. You can conveniently check your PC from your mobile device for any unwanted access by using Dropbox.

3. Linquet

Visit the Linquet website to get a better idea of what it is. This small but effective loss prevention system can save you the stress of losing your valuables. Attach a Linquist to some of your most prized possessions and use Bluetooth to link them to your devices. When your phone or some other user is out of control, it will sound a warning.

4. Calendly


Meetings for busy professionals can be difficult to arrange. Calendly will help you from sending too many emails and texts by automating the process. The definition is straightforward and graceful. Calendly generates a shareable connection after you enter your availability. Other meeting participants will go to the connection and indicate what times fit well for them. The app is time-zone aware, which is a huge bonus if people from different time zones are involved.

5. Qwiqq

We enjoy shopping, and Qwiqq (social shopping app), makes it much more enjoyable! This brand-new app is a super-easy way to share your favorite purchases right from your tablet. Unlike several similar applications, Qwiqq users will discover their favorite product and will not need to do any more research; they will be able to buy or share it without copying and pasting something.

6. Evernote


By using Evernote as a capture device, you’ll never miss another brilliant concept. Evernote can hold everything you can see or hear, including music, videos, text, screenshots, spreadsheets, and connections. Evernote not only saves this content but also makes it searchable and taggable. To make searches much faster, mark everything, or organize details in notebooks as you did in class. Make a wish list, make a business plan, and keep track of travel documentation on almost every laptop. Evernote synchronizes them all, ensuring that you have access to the same knowledge no matter where you are. There are three different plans to choose from: basic, premium, and business.

7. Timr

These applications are helping us, but we somehow feel like we’ve lost track of time. Time, a quick time monitoring tool that runs on most tablets, PCs, and Macs, can tell you precisely where the time has gone. It’s simple: start time when you start working and stop it when you’re done. While certain workplaces have time management devices, the mobility of time allows you to keep track of work on a project while you’re at a conference or on the job. The free Time account is very restricted, but paid versions with more options are available for up to 50 users, allowing it to scale with your business.

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