A Mobile App Costs How Much?! Check with App Cost Calculator

Today, almost every business is focusing on developing a personalized mobile app. For mobile app development, you need to begin by determining the cost of developing an app. Although, getting a fixed quotation for app development cost is not easy. Several factors are considered when providing customers with a fixed quote.

Estimating the cost is necessary as it helps you wasting a heft amount on development and avoids any future friction with the development company. However, taking quotes from every mobile app development company is not an easy task. Using an app cost calculator is a smarter and wiser way to find approximate quotes for building an app.

What Is App Cost Calculator And How Does It Works?

An app cost calculator is a smart tool that allows investors to calculate the approximate app development costs. Whether you need simple or complex apps, the cost calculator provides you a quotation within few minutes. Today, most app development companies offer the tool to provide ease to their clients. Most of the times, the app cost calculator figures is based on the following factors:

Platforms: If you choose native app development over a hybrid or cross-platform app development, the cost of your app is bound to increase. In the case of native apps, the price is increased by the number of platforms you want to develop your app for.

Apart from this, the tool asks you multiple questions, including several screens, security, backend, functionality, features, and much more. Answer the questions as per your requirements to get quotes instantly without sharing your business idea with every company. Isn’t that simple and great!

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Which Factors Influence App Development Costs?

How much to make an app is one of the most frustrating parts of the process. However, if you follow a strategic approach you can have a better idea about the app development cost breakdown and thus can negotiate seamlessly with the development partners.

  1. Business Analyst Cost

The business analyst is crucial for app development. They identify the need for an app for your business. They perform various activities, for instance:

  • Identifying a Problem
  • Defining Project Value
  • Understanding Business Scope
  • Analyzing Target Audience
  • Doing Competitor Analysis
  • Producing a Viable Business Solution
  • Work On Enhancements

The business analysts cost around $2000 to $10,000, depending on the app type and complexity.

  1. App Design Cost

More interactive and user-friendly app’s user interfaces may cost more however can engage and retain customers for a long time. The app with a simple design can cost up to $5000, but the designing cost increases with the complexity and dynamic features of the app.

  1. App Development Cost

The app development cost depends on the features you choose to implement in your app. Every feature implementation has a different price, and the average cost is $30/hour. A list of few features is:

  • Registration/ Login – $600 – $800
  • Payments – $1500 – $2000
  • In-app purchases $600 – $900
  • Search functionality $300 – $500
  • Chat integration $2000 – $2400
  • Push Notifications $400 – $500
  • Analytics $500- $2000
  • CMS Integration $250 – $3000
  • Geolocation $1000 – $1500
  • Data Encryption $500 – $800

There are many other features that you can integrate as per the business requirements.

  1. Project Management Cost

Project managers usually deal with project budget overrun, the scope of work, and quality of work. If you roughly calculate the cost of hiring project managers, it starts from $2500 and goes beyond $10,000, depending on the project.

  1. Quality Assurance Cost

The main goal of testing is to reduce abandonment rates. Skilled quality testers check the app in every environment to ensure it works properly in all circumstances. In the process, quality assurance consists of the following steps:

  • Requirement gathering
  • Test discussions
  • Test development
  • Test execution
  • Test summary report
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Based on the complexity of the app type, the average rate of QA services will be around $2000 to $10,000 and above.

  1. App Maintenance Cost

App maintenance includes various steps, like:

  • Upgrading to the latest operating system
  • Upgrading an app to the latest versions
  • Upgrading app with new technologies
  • Fixing bugs
  • Code improvement
  • App stability, etc
In this case, the on-demand model usually works on hourly rates. However, ongoing maintenance can be also done at a fixed cost.

How Do You Get Mercedes-Level Development for a Corolla Price?

If you want to build an app but don’t know from where you should start? Begin with MVP (minimum viable product). It is the bare-bones of your app that might not go to the market, however valuable to investors. It is smarter to invest in an idea that potentially worth millions.

Moreover, MVP has limited yet relevant features in your app, so the app development process costs a fraction of actual development. If you are seeking business investment, MVP becomes a rock-solid and well-executed business proposal that can be sent directly to venture capitalists.

MVP will help you save an enormous amount in R&D and re-scoping when development begins again. And you will become confident about your investment.

Takeaway Point

Building an app is not an easy task. Besides figuring out the cost, you need to hire a reliable mobile app development company for desirable results. Several companies are offering similar services across the globe. Do a little research to delve into insights into the organization. Make sure you go through their portfolio, company size, years of experience, and expertise; it will add more value to your decision.

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