4 Advance Methods To Solve Skewb Cubes

Skewb cubes is one of a kind puzzle. It was invented by Tony Durham and has gained a lot of acclamation since its launch. A definitely great piece of an amazing twisty-puzzle. It has plenty of benefits that its solver can reap.

skewb cube is a twisty puzzle that is inspired by the invention of a Rubik’s cube. You can easily say that a skewb cube is a leveled-up version of a Rubik’s cube and is great for the people who have mastered the art of solving a Rubik’s cube and wants to fulfill their gratification of a difficult version of a Rubik’s cube. 

To understand a skewb cube better, here is a brief description of what a skewb cube actually is,

A skewb cube is comparatively more testing than a Rubik’s cube, majorly because of its corners. The corners of a skewb cube rotate, unlike a Rubik’s cube, thus, making skewb cube different and difficult in a certain way. Moreover, the orientation and the arrangement of the different pieces of the cube are diagonal, making their rotation occur in a diagonal format, thus making the cube more challenging. 

Though a corner is turning cube is a bit of a hassle for the ones who are accustomed to a Rubik’s cube, but with practice, a skewb cube becomes easy and doable.

There are several ways to solve a skewb cubes, both easy and hard. The easier methods take a bit longer to solve than an advanced method. But it is highly recommended to solve a skewb cubes first with a beginner’s method and then progress your way through the advanced ones.

In this article, We will tell you some of the advanced methods that you can try to solve your skewb cubes. These methods are usually one of two steps long but are highly intricate in nature. Moreover, they could only be achieved if you feel that you have mastered the beginners and the intermediate level and are ready to proceed with an advanced level.

Also, a skewb cube consists of corners and centers, and it would be helpful if one could figure out these parts in advance before proceeding with solving the puzzle.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with some advanced method to solve your skewb cube.

● Method 1:

Study your cube well, then solve the first layer of your skewb cubes from the state of a complete scramble. Now that you have solved the first layer proceed and solve the remaining corners and the centers of the cube. And voila! Your cube is ready for you—the solution of the first layer and that of corners and the centers in through the various algorithms.

● Kirjava-Meep Method:

This is a unique method. For this, you have to solve the first face of your cube through its scrambled state, then do for its corners, and then proceed for its centers. All of this requires a certain set of algorithms, which could only be imbibed through practice.

● Ranzha’s Advanced Method:

In this method, you have to start by making a Petrus block for the scrambled state of the skewb cubes. Then you have to proceed into making a Welder’s mask by swiftly rotating the parts. Once you have reached the state of a Welder’s mask state, then you have to go ahead with an algorithm (L4C + CLL) and solve the rest of the cube. This is one of the most effective methods and takes little to no time to solve the skewb cubes.

● Corners First Method:

This is one of the easiest methods to solve the skewb cube. All you have to do is, start with matching all the four corners of a single layer of a cube, and then repeat it for all the further layers. Once you have reached a state where all the corners are similar to every layer, then you can proceed towards solving the center. And voila! Your skewb cube is solved with an ironically easy advanced method.

With these four amazing advanced methods, you could solve your skewb cube in just no time. 

Also, with solving a skewb cube you can indulge yourself with amazing benefits, such as the cultivation of both analytical skills and soft skills, enhanced problem-solving power, more memory retention, and yes! Better agility and mobility of fingers. 

Moreover, a skewb cube is just great for traveling or passing the time.

Thus, wait for no further and get a skewb for yourself,

Happy cubing!

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