Best Road Trips in the UAE

Famous for the sleek skyscrapers in its largest cities, UAE has a lot to offer than just a busy urban life. The largest cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi attract millions of tourists every year and apart from discovering a bustling city life, travelers fall in love with the untouched, picturesque landscapes that are a few hours’ drives away from the city life.

Whether it’s a sand-swept highway that you are looking for or looking to catch a golden hour above the sand dunes, UAE has some breathtaking destinations where you can go on a road trip to have some fun and entertaining time.

From Dubai To Liwa

One of the amazing places to visit in the UAE is remote Liwa. Liwa is popular amongst tourists and frequently visited because of its desert beauty, beautiful oasis, and man-made water bodies.

It is located south-west of Abu Dhabi on the edge of The Empty Quarter Desert. Liwa is 330 km away from Dubai and can be reached in about 3 hours 45 minutes by car and obviously the best way is to travel by road because you don’t want to miss the scenic views along the way. The beauty can be reached by traveling through the iconic tarmac road, thrilling sand tracks, and the famous oil pipelines.

After reaching Liwa, you can explore the village of HH Sheikh Hamad, see the camel farm, visit Moreeb Hill, and if you wish to experience things other than adventure, you can stay at the Liwa resort to embrace the luxurious amenities and picturesque scenes.

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Dubai to Khasab

Khasab on the Musandam Peninsula is technically not part of UAE and is a territory of Oman but you can still visit this place on a road trip and believe me, this road trip offers the most magnificent views on the Arabian Peninsula.  Khasab is 122 miles away from Dubai and can be reached in about 3 hours.

Dubai to Khasab

The best thing to do at Khasab is to stay there and explore two things, the dhow cruise and the dolphin spotting.

Dubai to Al Ain

Another best place you can travel to by road is Al Ain. Al-Ain has some mind-boggling places like forts, the Garden city with greenery, date palm oases, Hili Archeological Park, and Bronze Age Tombs to explore. If you are coming to UAE for just a day or two, out of all, the best place to explore is Al Ain. It is 122 miles away from Dubai and with the shortest route it can be reached in about 90 minutes.

One of the adventure things to do is drive up to Jebel Hafeet mountain at about 4098 ft to enjoy the scenic desert views and oasis across the board.

Dubai to the North Coast

A trip to the North Coast is more about the destination than the journey. In cities and towns along the north coast, you get to see the old wooden dhow floating in the Sharjah harbour. Other than this, the beautiful sandy beaches in Ajman, old souks in Ras Al Khaimah, mountains inland, centuries-old Portuguese forts and watchtowers are a treat to explore while you travel to the North Coast.

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The travel distance to the North Coast from Dubai is about 74 miles and can be covered in about 90 minutes.

Best Tyre Type for Road Trips

Best Tyre

If you are planning a road trip to the UAE, you may want to make sure everything is under control. Once you’ve decided that you’ve to travel and then choose where to travel, you pack your bags, grab the snacks for your road trip and download your favorite playlist but you may forget to choose the tyre type for your epic journey. Never do that. Pay attention to which tyre works best for road trips, choose the best one in order to make your journey more comfortable and relaxing. It does not matter in which part of the country you are in; you can easily find tyres in any emirate. You can search for tyres in Sharjah and get the one that suits your car in the best ways.

The best tyre for road trips is all passenger tyre type or if you are traveling with SUV, SUV highway tyre can be the best option too.

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