Skirt Your Lamp

Decorative Skirt Your Lamp

If you love shabby chic, this is your tutorial. Yesterday, I was browsing Velvet Brown, a hot spot for feminine decor in the U.K., and stumbled across this lampshade. It could be... Read more »
eggshell trinket box

Eggshell Trinket Box Makeover

I saw some very nice trinket boxes at the thrift store the other day, but I let them go without a second thought. Too bad I did, because I now want to... Read more »
Paper cutting artwork

Paper Cutting Artwork

Being the mom of a toddler doesn’t let me sit for extended periods of time, so I have to pick and choose DIY crafts that do not so mind intensive that I... Read more »
Decorate Notebooks

Decorate Notebooks for Back to School

Notebooks are a necessity for school, but your kids may not get excited about the plain white paper and solid-colored cover. Sure, they are likely to plaster the front of their notebooks... Read more »