Tips for Contractor

Quick Tips for Contractor Hunting

Sometimes we all get in over our heads and need a little professional help. Here are a few things to remember when you need to locate a little hired help to fix... Read more »
Closet Doors

The Best Closet Doors Choices

When my wife and I bought our town-home, we immediately decided that we didn’t like the old-school sliding closet doors that were hung in the 57″ wide opening for our kids’ closet.... Read more »
Home Renovation

Perpetual Remodeling Syndrome – Exterior Home Renovation

A few years ago, I scored a contract to give a customer’s home a facelift. The first basic thing I was doing was removing the old pine 1″ X 4″ trim and... Read more »
eggshell trinket box

Eggshell Trinket Box Makeover

I saw some very nice trinket boxes at the thrift store the other day, but I let them go without a second thought. Too bad I did, because I now want to... Read more »
Finishing Your Basement

Perpetual Remodeling Syndrome: Finishing Your Basement

The key part of basement remodeling happens before you ever even touch a tool. I’m talking about design, of course. What you intend to use your basement for will move your design... Read more »
Paper cutting artwork

Paper Cutting Artwork

Being the mom of a toddler doesn’t let me sit for extended periods of time, so I have to pick and choose DIY crafts that do not so mind intensive that I... Read more »
Remodeling Syndrome

Perpetual Remodeling Syndrome: All About Siding

All homes have exterior surfaces that are designed to protect the home from the elements. There are many different types, but the two general ones are brick and siding. Some homes have... Read more »
Decorate Notebooks

Decorate Notebooks for Back to School

Notebooks are a necessity for school, but your kids may not get excited about the plain white paper and solid-colored cover. Sure, they are likely to plaster the front of their notebooks... Read more »