Bill Gates still not sold on Bitcoin

Still Not Sold On Bitcoin By Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has not invested in Bitcoin. He said in a live chat on the Clubhouse social network. Host Andrew Sorkin told Bill Gates that he wanted to... Read more »
Twitter's New 'Hacked Materials' on Tweets

What Are The Means Of Twitter’s New Hacked Materials’ On Tweets

Twitter appears to have begun labeling tweets with its “hacked materials,” cautioning containing connections to reports dependent on hacked or spilled records. The update isn’t pristine as the microblogging network momentarily obstructed... Read more »
Facebook to Restore Australia News Pages

Facebook To Renovate Australia News Pages As Deal Moved On Media Payment Law

Facebook said Tuesday it would lift a disagreeable restriction on Australian news pages after the public authority consented to correct a world-first media law wildly contradicted by the tech goliath. Financier Josh... Read more »
Australia Won’t Change Planned Content Law Despite Block

Australia Won’t Change Planned Content Laws Despite The Facebook Block

Facebook has unequivocally protested the laws and unexpectedly impeded all news content, and numerous administration and crisis office account a week ago. Australia won’t change proposed guidelines that would make Letter set... Read more »
Whatsapp To Move Forward With Changes Despite Backlash

Whats app To Move Forward With Changes Despite Backlash

WhatsApp moves ahead with contentious improvements to its terms of use but changes how customers are alerted after a backlash. Millions of people downloaded applications from WhatsApp’s rivals following the first announcement... Read more »
Facebook Blocks News Sharing on Australian Platform

Facebook Blocks News Sharing on Australian Platform

Because of planned legislation in the country to make digital giants pay for journalism. Facebook reported Thursday that it had blocked Australians from reading and posting news on the site. Australian publications... Read more »
Hacking Pfizer for Covid-19 vaccine data

North Korea Blamed Of Hacking Pfizer For Covid-19 Vaccine Data

According to South Korean intelligence administrators, North Korea has tried to steal the Covid-19 vaccine technology from the US pharmaceutical firm Pfizer. Since closing its borders in January last year, North Korea... Read more »
Twitter to Add More Labels

Identifying the Government Accounts; Twitter to Add More Labels

On Thursday, Twitter Inc said it would add labels next week to classify more state-affiliated accounts, including world leaders’ accounts, to give users more context for the platform’s geopolitical conversations. The move... Read more »
Realme Race Series

Realme Race Series Tipped to be launched as Realme GT in India

In India, Realme is planning to launch a new smartphone called Realme Race. It can now be released as the Realme GT series, according to a tipster. For the same cause, we... Read more »
lock your Facebook profile

How To Use A Smartphone App To Lock Your Facebook Profile

Facebook provides its users several privacy options, including the ability to lock your profile. Locking a person’s profile gives a selective glimpse of users’ profiles not on Facebook’s friend list. A locked... Read more »
Facebook refuses the jab advert of a businessman

Covid-19: Facebook Refuses The Jab Advert Of A Businessman

Facebook apologized for refusing an advert from a businessman person to promote the Covid-19 vaccine for black and Asian citizens. Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones decided to raise awareness of the significance of being vaccinated... Read more »

The Apple Patent Application Suggests That It May Have a Fraying Lightning Cables Solution

Apple also filed a patent claim that will so quickly avoid the fraying of its lightning cables. The patent is for a cable that could overcome this issue with variable stiffness. Apple’s... Read more »
Retrieved lunar samples from China weigh less than the target

Retrieved Lunar Samples From China Weigh Less Than The Target

A historic Chinese mission to the Moon collected lunar rocks that weigh less than initially oriented. Still, China remains prepared to verify the samples with foreign scientists, the mission spokesman said on Monday. When the unmanned Change-5... Read more »
Lu Weibing Teased Redmi K40 Battery Life,

Lu Weibing Teased Redmi K40 Battery Life, Display Resolution Suggested As Well

According to a screenshot posted by Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing, the Redmi K40 battery would last for over a day on a single charge. On the forthcoming Redmi handset, the screenshot... Read more »