YouTube Tests a New Feature for Direct Shopping From Videos

YouTube Tests a Latest Feature for Direct Shopping From Videos

YouTube is developing a new feature that allows users directly from the website to order items they see in videos. Viewers will be able to find items found in select YouTube videos... Read more »
WhatsApp stalls revised privacy rules by three months

In The Face Of Opposition, WhatsApp Stalls Revised Privacy Rules By Three Months

WhatsApp announced a three-month delay in introducing a revised privacy policy that has faced significant criticism with tens of thousands of its users switching from the network to competitors such as Signal... Read more »
TikTok Tightens Teens'

TikTok Tightens Teens’ Privacy Settings

TikTok improves its privacy strategies for the Teens crowd a month after federal regulators forced it to reveal how its practices impact children and adolescents. The error privacy setting for accounts of users aged 13 to 15... Read more »
Google tries to mitigate Fitbit-deal privacy issues

Google tries to mitigate Fitbit-deal privacy issues

Google has finalized its marketing of Fitbit and has sought to convince consumers that their privacy will be protected. In November 2019, the search firm acquired the health-tracking business for $ 2.1... Read more »
Australia rebukes Google for banning the content of local news

Australia rebukes Google for banning the content of local news

The Australian government has criticized Google for blocking local news content from its search results, forcing the tech giant to pay media outlets for the news. In the wake of a lack of advertisement revenue for internet firms, the government... Read more »

Meng Wanzhou: Bullets Sent By The Finance Director Of Huawei In The Mail

According to court testimony, while under house arrest in Vancouver, top Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou sent bullets in the mail. It was one of the suspected death threats that the firm supplying... Read more »

Users of WhatsApp flock to alternative message platforms

Following a divisive change to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, message apps Signal and Telegram have seen a significant spike in downloads worldwide. WhatsApp has told its two billion users that if they... Read more »

Amazon and Facebook’s staff warned of safety risks

In the face of concerns of a backlash against big technology, Amazon and Facebook have warned staff about their safety risks. From a report that is mentioned below: “After the firm deleted... Read more »

The Huawei patent use of Uighur-spotting technologies

A Huawei protection has been induced to light for a machine that identifies people that seem to be of Uighur descent in pedestrians’ photos. The filing is one of several of its... Read more »

Home Programmed Samsung Galaxy Upcycling aims to help you give your old phone a new life

Samsung has introduced a new Galaxy Upcycling service at Home to enable consumers to reuse their old smartphones as a home program. During its CES 2021 virtual event on Monday, the South... Read more »

SmartDot phone stickers with radiation protection ‘have no effect’

According to science, stickers meant to protect users from cell phone radiation do not affect them. SmartDots suggest that to help relax, relieve headaches, and have a clearer mind, they combat the... Read more »
WhatsApp Groups

Private WhatsApp Groups Became Open Again To Anyone Who Checked On Google

On Google search, WhatsApp groups are popping up once again. As a result, by simply searching on Google, everyone might discover and enter a private WhatsApp group. This was first located in... Read more »

Privacy Plan for Google Chrome browser investigated in the U.K

The U.K. official authorities are investigating Google’s privacy plan to delete some of its Chrome browser’s user monitoring features that could damage competition in the online advertisement industry. The Competition and Markets... Read more »