Cupcake Tree for Your Wedding

Cupcakes have come into fashion as a delicious alternative to the popular wedding cake, no fussing with making the cake, and fellows can decide from a type of flavor. Besides that, a beautifully decorated cupcake is really plain adorable!

If you have a couple of hundred guests, though, that’s a couple of hundred cupcakes, at least. Where on earth do you serve them? Cupcake stands are the norm, but generally, these hold only a couple of dozen.

If you’re an enterprising DIY bride, however, you might just want to craft a cupcake stand to beat all cupcake tree stands and put a solid 375 cupcakes on the one enormous cupcake tree! You could consider it the centerpiece of the reception hall!

Standing at least six feet and change, this tree’s largest tier is 40-inches in diameter, and the smallest, topmost tier is nine inches. The layers are made from half-inch medium-density fiberboard, with edges rounded and the whole disk painted white. Remember that fiberboard is known for off-gassing pretty copiously when cut, so wear a mask when cutting, and be sure to thoroughly seal the cut edges.

The dividers between layers are Styrofoam cake dummies covered in the glossy white paper. The tower is settled on a Christmas tree stand (too bad we can’t see it in the pictures!) and stacked on a curtain rod which went up through holes bored through the center of each segment of the whole affair.

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