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As the most famous browser globally, Internet Explorer gives a flexible and reliable browsing experience with enhanced Web privacy features for all Windows users. This new release contains a wealth of new specialties produced to encourage you to surf the web faster, easier, and more securely. When you thought you wouldn’t see a different version of Internet Explorer this side of the next ice age, Microsoft hits the world with a new announcement of its almighty browsing app. It’s been so long in the making that many web users have got fed up with expecting Microsoft to update its technology and have looked elsewhere – mainly in the direction of Firefox. Now the big, bad king of the browser world is in no desire to see its crown wrestled away, but it can do enough to win back its deserters? For starters, the new streamlined interface is an enhancement. Microsoft has stripped back the menu bar and covered all of the tools and functions within a set of compact icons, set subtly at the interface’s top-right. It lets you see pages in a very wide viewing space. Internet Explorer has also eventually decided to back tabbed browsing. It involves a ‘New tab’ button for an immediate opening, plus an ingenious ‘Quick Tabs’ button, which opens up thumbnail shows of all your opened tabs in one screen and, unlike Firefox, IE 7 has a close button on every tab. You can even save groups of tabs as your homepage, so they all launch upon start-up. We also liked the print preview tool, which adjusts the page according to your paper size.
Internet Explorer 7 has developed the way it integrates RSS. Whenever you come across a site that promotes RSS, the toolbar’s icon will turn its characteristic orange. Click on it, and you will be head to a page that shows all the feeds for that website. Just click on the “subscribe to this feed” link to add it to your preferences. You can also subscribe by clicking on the small star icon on the left. Unlike Firefox, though, there’s no drop-down view of a specific item in a feed. The Favorites Center, opened up by clicking on the big star icon, is divided into favorites, feeds, and history. Security is usually one of the usual weak spots of Internet Explorer. Furthermore, Internet Explorer 7 is restricted to those of you with XP SP2, and for some reason, you will need to disable your antivirus and restart your PC to install it accurately.

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The Pros and Cons of Internet Explorer Windows 7

The Pros Of Internet Explorer Windows 7

Internet Explorer is available for free. It has spread to all nations with internet connectivity. It is also present by default with several versions of Windows operating systems. Some sites can only be opened specially for IE, and now Internet Explorer is still the most widely used browser globally.

The Cons of Internet Explorer Windows 7

Internet Explorer has no add-on support. It slows down with the newer versions, such as IE7. It may be less reliable than the other browsers, It becomes buggy easily, and hackers target it.


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