Gilgit can be touched from Islamabad in one hour by air and 20 hours by road. Located in the north of Pakistan, the area of Gilgit Baltistan is a heaven for climbers and explorers. The area is enclosed by some of the world’s highest crag peaks with a height of over 8000 meters. Apart from royal mountains, the second highest crag of the world, K2, is situated in the Shigar Valley. Some of the main glaciers outside polar areas are also situated in Gilgit region along with 2200 sq. kilometer of snow enclosed area; 119 lakes; diverse flora and fauna and 6500 sq. km of forests. The region is well known for its magnificence and captivating scenic beauty. Here the world’s three hugest mountain ranges: the Karakoram, the Hindukuch and the Himalayas meet. There are numerous tourist attractions comparatively close to Gilgit city which are worth staying. These are: Naltar Valley, Hunza Valley, Nagar Valley, Fairy Meadows, Shigar town, Skardu city, Haramosh Peak in Karakoram Range, Bagrot-Haramosh Valley, Deosai National Park, Astore Valley, Rama Lake, Juglot town, Phunder village, Yasin Valley and Kargah Valley.

Lovely Weather

If you have a little budget and want to visit a country with varied culture, unspoiled ordinary beauty, antique history, centuries old civilizations and the delightful food, then there is no place in the world well than Pakistan. The persons of Pakistan are so welcoming, obliging and welcoming with foreign travelers that you will not only enjoy your break in this country but also take back home the sweet reminiscences of your visit.

Maximum foreign tourists are frightened of the security condition in Pakistan and thus evade visiting this country. In fact, the state is not really as bad as being predictable by the media intelligences. Pakistan is overall a safe republic for foreign tourists though some parts of the country are not safe and must be evaded. I am charitable below some safe and worth staying places. This will be obliging in preparation your visit to Pakistan so that you have the harmless, most useful and pleasant holidays.

lovely weather

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