How Do I Use Guided Access For Android Phones

Guided access is a perfect way for a single program to limit your Android devices. This gives you total control of your system. On Apple devices, it is used commonly. For data protection reasons, it is rather beneficial. To understand what guided access is and how to use it on Android handsets, please read this guide.

What is guided access?

What is guided access

Placed, directed access is a way to allow others access to your phone with only selected features and software. For example, if your friend needs to use YouTube to access your phone and you want to make sure your friend doesn’t use any software or any other content on your computer, then you will be supported by directed access in that situation. Wait, do you believe that directed access is like a facility for parental control? No, it varies completely from adult regulation. This guide will erase your uncertainty.

Nobody will trick you into using your Android device when you use guided control to your Android phone. On your computer, you can monitor any single program. Most notably, by using your device, no one can trick you now. You may have faced such a situation where your near one would have compromised your private information while using your cell phone because of universal access to the device. But with directed entry, your phone’s data is almost secure. Besides, to secure your device, you use protection instruments. You can’t deter a person from viewing anything on your device. 

How does guided access work on Android phones?

With the feature called Screen pinning, you can find guided access on your Android smartphone. Screen Pinning can be used if you have Android phones with newer operating systems. If Screen Pinning is allowed, only the Pinned App can be used. Until you disable Device Pinning, you can’t use any other software. They can not access any other program and can not go back to the home screen if you send your phone to someone with Screen pinning enabled for a specific app. In two separate ways, screen pinning works:

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If you keep the Back and App turn keys in regular mode, screen pinning is removed, and the system is ready for daily use. You can unpin the program using the same button in the second mode, but the system will lock automatically. To use it again, the user would need to decrypt the handset.

How to enable Screen pinning to use guided access?

Follow the instructions below to allow Screen Pinning on your Android phone. On your device, go to the Setting app. A protection & location choice must be sought. Then scroll down to see the Pinning Screen feature. After opening the Settings app, enter a screen pin in the search bar and quickly locate it. Turn the toggle button on to activate the function until you find the Screen Pinning option. If the Ask for PIN option is open on your Android phone before unpinning it, you can choose to do so.

How is it used?

  • Find an app that you need to pin to the computer.
  • Tap on the App Switcher button at the bottom of the App Switch page.
  • Select the app that has been updated and click the dotted button above the app.
  • To pin the app to the phone, click on the pin icon.
  • Now you’ve successfully pinned the app down.
  • Click and keep the Back and App switcher buttons if you wish to unpin the app.

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