How Restaurant Loyalty Software Helps You Turn Visitors into Brand Advocates?

Winning customers’ hearts doesn’t come easy for any business owner but putting efforts to make your customers love your brand and choose you again & again over competitors is always worth it to attain desirable business goals. Gaining customer loyalty should be the top priority as they help in acquiring new customers but also help in boosting sales.

When we talk about loyalty program software for a restaurant business, it’s all about acquiring customers to spend on your restaurant’s food.  Research says getting new customers is more costly than retaining the ones you have, which is why businesses must ensure to treat customers right if they aim to increase the restaurant’s sales. No matter what kind of food business you own – a food truck, fine dining restaurant, or casual dining place, your main motive is one i.e. to gain repeat purchases. Let’s check how a reliable loyalty program can help you win customers’ hearts.

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Significance of Loyalty Program Software for Your Restaurant Business

Happy customers are what business needs to keep growing but what makes them happy? Is it the great dining experience, good food quality, or reliable customer service? Reasons may be many but nothing can excite your customers than getting rewarded for using your services. That is where a customer loyalty program is needed to help you reward loyal customers as they are the ones who buy repeatedly from your brand, increasing sales.

Choose to reward customers with points, discounts, vouchers & more that can encourage them to spend more, spread information about your brand to others, eventually leading to more profits. 83% of customers said that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue purchase with a brand. Loyalty programs are known to influence customers to come back to your store, again and again, to do more purchases with the motive to earn rewards increasing retention rate tremendously.

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Here is a glimpse of top reasons why loyalty programs are good for your food business-

  • Boost Average Order Value (AOV)

Apart from the loyalty points software, the cashback rewards program is beneficial if you are planning to boost AOV by encouraging customers for additional spending with cashback earned on earlier purchases. Some common examples that brands offer are 20% cashback on order value above 500 bucks or free delivery service on orders above 500 bucks. This technique helps in increasing the order value of a customer.

  • Retain More Customers

Having a good loyalty program helps to increase sales by retaining and rewarding your existing customers through offerings that are exclusively meant for them only. For example- your restaurant can offer a free drink that the customer likes on their fifth meal at your store. A minimum of a 5% increase in customer retention rate can lead to an increase in profit margins by 25-95%.

  • Personalized Interaction

Customers want special attention while interacting with the brand they trust and it is possible through a personalized experience. For a food business, a loyalty program means providing custom recommendations specific to every customer’s interests & food preferences. This helps in making customers feel valued & more attracted to the brand.

  • Marketing at Lower Costs

A loyalty program for your business can turn first-time visitors to brand advocates. Wondering how? If your customers love services from your brand more than any other competitors, they can spread the word to their friends and families helping your business bring new customers. This means you will gain more customers with less or no marketing costs through the help of existing ones.

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Marketing at Lower Costs

  • Better Customer Data Management

Having a restaurant loyalty management solution gives access to personalized data of customers visiting your restaurant. This helps in building a rich customer base, which is useful to analyze and track customers’ food preferences. Based on the data, your brand can connect with customers and provide personalized experiences for each customer.

Things to Know Before Building a Loyalty Program for Your Restaurant Business

Planning your loyalty program strategy on time is important if you wish to make your loyalty program successful. Here are some of the top things that can be considered before you develop a loyalty solution for your restaurant-

  • Simple & Easy to Use Interface

No customers want a lengthy registration process to use the loyalty program. Your solution must be planned in such a way it offers easy to use interface where they can keep track of reward earnings to spend on future purchases.

  • Competitors Analysis

Take time to analyze the loyalty program of the competitors that offer similar services as your brand so that you can identify what they are doing and how they are rewarding their customers. From the analysis, you will get an idea of where your restaurant business stands and how you can plan a better strategy to offer unique offerings.

  • Assured Rewards for every purchase

Your loyalty program’s first motive should be to keep customers returning to your store again and again. Make every customer feel valued by rewarding them consistently for every meal they have at your restaurant. Use Loyalty points software to give some amount of reward points that users can accumulate to redeem a voucher or get a free meal.

  • Deliver Experiences
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To build an emotional connection with your customers, your restaurant should keep the main focus on making every customer feel special. This can be done by delivering a free meal on occasions like birthdays & anniversaries or a special discount on the purchase of shortlisted items. Personalized experiences are what customers need from the brand they are associated with.

Wrapping Up

After going through the blog, we know that having an effective loyalty program is a must to help your restaurant business acquire new & retain old customers! More than 70% of customers are more likely to do business with a brand if it offers a customer loyalty program. Get in touch with the expert app developers to build personalized restaurant loyalty software that can scale your restaurant business & increase ROI & sales in a short time.

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