How to Burn a CD

There are more reasons than ever to learn how to burn a CD: create your CD wedding favors or make a story CD for your child, for example.

Are you technically savvy enough to do it? I, for one, am happy to have a husband who is, but in the interest of being a strong, independent woman and a good example to my child, I set out to learn how to do burn a CD myself.

The first thing I learned is that this thing is called a “Wizard” that pretty much does everything for you; simply drag and drop the files you want to write to the CD and surf the internet during your wait time.

OK, it isn’t quite that simple (but it’s close), but World start has a tips and tricks page with:

    CD-R versus CD-RW tips
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • A separate tutorial for Microsoft Windows XP, which has its CD burning software

and more everything you will need to know to burn your CD. Independence is just a click away!

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