How to Hide Your Cell Phone’s Identity

Admit it: There’s been a time where, knowing who’s on the other end, you chose to just let your phone ring instead of answering the thing. With just about everyone having a cell phone today, this non-answering thing has become all the more common, both because people are seemingly calling others more often and because nearly everyone has a device with caller ID built right in.

There are, though, a few ways to block your number from showing up when you call, which have been nicely compiled by the advice site AskStudent.

The first is temporary and simply requires that you dial *67 before making a call. Punch in those digits before any others and, assuming whoever you’re calling isn’t an emergency service of some sort, your number won’t show.

If you see for a numerous permanent solution, then give your provider a call and ask how much a line block would cost to add to your line. Typically it’ll be something like $5 per month or so. This will stop your number from showing up any time you call — except for emergency services, which hopefully won’t be screening your calls anyway.

Other phones have Caller ID block settings that can easily be switched on or off by going into the “Settings” menus.

Keep this in mind, however: If you’re trying to avoid being screened and you’re the only personality in your family or group of colleagues who always calls with an unlisted number, chances are it won’t be long before those on the other line become hip to your deception and start screening you again.

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