Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with aesthetic and natural beauty. It has a lot of places which are deadly covered with beautiful scenes. Such glamorous and wonderful scenes make a person think about Allah’s glory and creativity. Hunza is among the most beautiful areas of Pakistan. Hunza was often known as ‘Heaven on Earth’ is a beautiful mountainous valley. It is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region which is in the extreme northern part that connects China with Pakistan. Gilgit-Baltistan region Biafo Glaciers is the homeland of adventures treks, k2 base camp trek, Concordia trek, and gondogoro la trek. It is surrounded by several high peaks including Rakaposhi, Ladyfinger peak and Hunza peak. Hunza was previously a princely state which survived until 1974 and was dissolved by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Its capital was the town of Baltit also known as Karimabad.

Lovely weather of Hunza Valley

The climate of Hunza is moderate in summer. The maximum temperature in summer is about 14-degree Celsius but in July-august it reaches a maximum of 31-degree Celsius in central Hunza. In the winter season, the temperature reaches to -10-degree Celsius or even more. The people of Hunza are quite friendly, cooperative and hospitable. Generally, people of Hunza speak Urdu language but some other languages are also being spoken such as Shina, Wakhi, and Burushaski.

lovely weather

Hunza hotel booking

Located in main Karimabad, Daastaan is for travelers looking to connect with local culture and experience hotels in Hunza that offer more than just a place to stay. With a scenic view of Diran, Lady Finger and Rakaposhi peaks and main Karimabad bazaar a 5-minute walk away, Roomy Daastaan puts travelers in the center of Hunza Valley’s most popular tourist attractions.

One of the most exciting locations in Hunza Valley, Roomy Vantage in Duikar is for adventure travelers and adventure travelers only. Duikar is perched at an altitude of 9000 feet and is considered the highest village in Hunza Valley! Inarguably, it offers the most expansive views of Hunza and is a promising stay for those looking to truly disconnect from the mundane.

Tucked away in Nagar Valley, the Roomy Yurts at Osho Thang Hotel in Minapin are a lively, refreshing hotel stay for travelers. With a scenic viewpoint of the Rakaposhi a walk away and access to Osho Thang restaurants’ traditional organic food, The Roomy Yurts are for families, couples, and solo travelers looking to escape the crowds and relax in a more secluded part of the valley.


A short walk from Roomy Daastaan, the Karimabad bazaar is a narrow and winding path with shops and restaurants lined on both sides. Explore local clothing, crafts or jewelry or get a bite to eat at any of the local eateries. Located in Sost, a village in Gojal upper-Hunza and the last town on the Karakoram Highway before Khunjerab Pass, Roomy Khawna is an isolated escape within the mountains. A peaceful retreat away from the busy markets of the transit village of Sost, Roomy Khawna is surrounded by the magnificent mountains of the Karakoram and is perfect for adventurers and travelers looking for an immersive northern Pakistan experience.

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