Facebook Blocks News Sharing on Australian Platform

Facebook Blocks News Sharing on Australian Platform

Because of planned legislation in the country to make digital giants pay for journalism. Facebook reported Thursday that it had blocked Australians from reading and posting news on the site. Australian publications... Read more »
lock your Facebook profile

How To Use A Smartphone App To Lock Your Facebook Profile

Facebook provides its users several privacy options, including the ability to lock your profile. Locking a person’s profile gives a selective glimpse of users’ profiles not on Facebook’s friend list. A locked... Read more »
Facebook refuses the jab advert of a businessman

Covid-19: Facebook Refuses The Jab Advert Of A Businessman

Facebook apologized for refusing an advert from a businessman person to promote the Covid-19 vaccine for black and Asian citizens. Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones decided to raise awareness of the significance of being vaccinated... Read more »
New Facebook Profile

Make the New Facebook Profile Work For You

Whenever Facebook rolls out a new feature or tweaks its layout, it usually faces an uproar of criticism from users who had grown oh-so-accustomed to its previous format. The notable exception to... Read more »