The Apple Patent Application Suggests That It May Have a Fraying Lightning Cables Solution

Apple also filed a patent claim that will so quickly avoid the fraying of its lightning cables. The patent is for a cable that could overcome this issue with variable stiffness. Apple’s lightning cables have a reputation for fast fraying, but the firm may have sought a workaround under this patent. The Cupertino-company suggested ideas for a cable that won’t fray quickly. It talks about a cable with ‘linear stiffness’ in the patent filing.

Apple intends to create a pressure relief sleeve made of a rigid rubber at the cable’s end area in the patent case. It is said that this rigid material will produce a localized increase in the cable’s bending strength, which will, in turn, alleviate tension on the wire connections. Apple also recommends an additional overall thickening of cables. The patent signals that Apple is working with its charging cables to address a long-criticized problem. For now, however, this is just an idea that can or may not go into production. It is also worth mentioning that ‘Lightning Cables’ are not explicitly stated somewhere in the patent, so this may be a wider design for Apple goods.

In some instances, Apple states that increased thickness for strain relief sleeves “may not be desired,” so a new solution is being investigated. It proposes extending the tension relief beyond the two ends, in addition to making cables thicker overall. According to the filing, one way of achieving so is to have differing stiffness ratios across various longitudinal sections. One section is fluid; another team is reliable, and somewhere in between is a seventh. The above will ease pressure on the ends of the cable, Apple says.

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