Top 12 YouTube Educational Channels For Kids And Teenager

YouTube has a wealth of instructional platforms intended to keep your kids happy when studying, whether you’re trapped indoors with your kids on a rainy day or need a few minutes of quiet without turning on the TV. We looked at the best YouTube educational platforms available to kids and judged each according to dedication, audience, consistency, and appeal. Most of these outlets tend to middle school and younger learners, but others provide useful content for high school students. No, your children actually won’t find these TV programs. Still, on YouTube, they’ll find them. Unfortunately, a large chunk of the “programming” on YouTube is tedious and unsafe or even harmful for children. YouTube does have some redeeming outlets, though. Your kids will learn stuff you want them to know from YouTube with supervision. If you’re looking for interesting, engaging, and enriching content to increase your kids’ screen time, here are our picks for the 12 best kids’ YouTube educational channels.

  1. Kids Learning Tube

 A treasure of educational and instructional videos, each focused on a single subject, is the Kids Learning Tube. Kids Learning Tube educates kids through original sing-along songs and animation, from Earth Day to vegetables to fear, providing a fun and unique learning approach. Kids Learning Tube has more than 140 lessons and more than 164,000 users in its catalogue at the moment. To find groups of selected videos according to Earth Science, Popular Inventors, Kids Motivational Songs, and many more, click the Playlists page.

  1. Smithsonian Channel 

If you don’t live in or near Washington, D.C., you won’t have convenient access to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History for higher education. But, you do have access to YouTube’s Smithsonian Channel. Hammerhead sharks, monkeys, World War II, all on one channel, produced from an unquestionably credible source, can be taught by your children.

  1. Crash Course

Crash Course started to teach history and biology to youngsters but gradually expanded to include chemistry, writing, psychology, physics, literacy in the media, and more. The hosts are articulate and engaging, describing difficult subjects in simplistic terms while never speaking to their viewers. In collaboration with Arizona State University, learning playlists for older students feature a series of videos to teach both the subtle and particular aspects of being a good writer. With this excellent learning resource, artificial intelligence, navigating digital content, and engineering is a few topics students can dive into.

  1. Zoo Houston

Check out the Houston Zoo YouTube channel if your kid has a fascination with animals. YouTube also provides access to many typical interactive attractions for children (and adults) that are too far away to see in person.

  1. Free School
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Free School considers itself a healthy, welcoming place to expose kids in an entertaining, open way to famous art, classical music, children’s literature, and natural science. Browse through videos of biography, history, geology, oceanography, and folklore, or see playlists organized by topics such as Mt. Rushmore’s Leaders, Read about the Moon, Tour of the Solar System, and many more. The excellent, entertaining videos from Free School are targeted at children in grades three through six, so both older and younger children can find material that appeals to them.

  1. Pop Home-school

Home-school pop

They are expertly covering various subjects, from Christopher Columbus, Elephants, Information about the Human Nose, US Nations, and more, Home-school Pop’s animated films. Videos are grouped by subject and ranking, making it easier to find a topic you want to learn about, and playlists are an excellent tool for learning about a topic in depth. Home-school Pop videos are an exceptional and exciting resource, whether you are home or not.

  1. TED-ED

TED-Ed is committed to developing lessons worth sharing (from the non-profit responsible for TED Talks). Perplexing riddles may confront kids on this channel, or they can explore nature or ponder such topics as “questions no one knows the answers to.”

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy Logo

 Khan Academy delivers an outstanding summary of topics beyond what’s in grade-level books, helping to break down challenging mathematics and chemistry subjects, including cellular respiration, energy and enzymes, and more. SAT prep and videos about the arts and humanities are also available. Khan Academy is suitable for middle school and high school students, but some videos are devoted to younger children.

  1. Smart Girls

Check out Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls channel for older children. It features the required DIYs that children enjoy, such as making fizzing bath bombs, for example. It includes profiles of inspirational people, including astronauts and scientists, not to mention tutorials and videos on inspiring girls to participate in global problems such as climate change.

  1. National Geographic Kids

Via its entertaining, mostly wacky videos, National Geographic Kids wants to help kids discover the globe. You’ll find excellent, entertaining content if your child wants to learn about venomous animals or attempt an experiment involving baking soda. With the Explorer Academy series, visit the seas, the desert, and outer space or enter Barbie’s adventures as she inspires creativity, language, and exploration by play. Global Geographic Kids is better for kindergarten through fifth-grade pupils, but many of these videos will also be loved by some older and younger children.

  1. The Brain Scoop

The Brain Scoop is a channel on YouTube put together by the Field Museum in Chicago. It hosts exciting videos for tweens and older children that are fantastic. Videos look at things as varied as to why King Tut has a flat head and added unusual species like the camel spider. 

  1. It’s Okay to Be Smart

Joe Hanson, Ph.D., discusses how things work and why things are the way they are. This channel is “all about science, the amazing universe we live in, and the pleasure of finding things out.” YouTube itself is a lot like the internet. It can be an extremely informative method in moderation and with responsible oversight. Enable the parental controls on your kids’ computers, promise to be a helicopter parent when it comes to the YouTube use of your child, and then open the digital learning floodgates!

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