YouTube Tests a Latest Feature for Direct Shopping From Videos

YouTube is developing a new feature that allows users directly from the website to order items they see in videos. Viewers will be able to find items found in select YouTube videos and shop for them. The functionality is currently being reviewed on Linux, iOS, and the Internet by the video-streaming site with a limited number of users in the US. In October last year, Bloomberg first mentioned this. The study claimed that YouTube deals directly on the website for developers to market their goods. YouTube has also begun asking producers to “tag and track” items used in their posts. This data would also be linked with the analytics and shopping tools of Google, the study added.

By clicking on the shopping bag icon that appears in the bottom left corner of the video, viewers can see a list of featured items. They can explore each product’s website from here, where they can find more detail, related videos, and product buying choices. Just under the overview box, YouTube also has a segment where producers can list their products. The items are featured along with links to the original site where they can buy them. The new feature would allow developers to sell their goods on YouTube themselves. YouTube still earns from advertising, and another income generator for the business will be this new shopping app.

In October 2020, Bloomberg announced that YouTube began requiring creators to tag and track the videos’ items using YouTube apps. As per the article, the data will be connected to Google’s shopping tools and analytics. The report said that a spokesman for YouTube indicated that the website was testing the functionality for a small range of video platforms and that the developers would regulate the items shown.

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